Here’s a preview of the rental cars we offer for Cash. We have a wide range of vehicles available to meet your rental needs. Whether it be an economy car or a minivan, Metro Rental Atlanta has you completely covered. 

Rent Cars Cash In Atlanta - Economy Car

Economy Car

We have a wide range of economy vehicles to fit all of your rental needs. Our economy and compact vehicles are perfect for your travel around town and in the Georgia area.
Rent Cars Cash In Atlanta - MID / FULL SIZE CAR

Mid/Full Size Car:

We have the most reliable vehicles in town and our midsize and full size cars are efficient and spacious enough for you and your family. Whether you need a car to travel around the Atlanta area or out of state, we have the perfect car to meet your rental needs.
Rent Cars Cash In Atlanta - SUV's AVAILABLE


Our SUVs are roomy and spacious and they are perfect for your weekend getaway or traveling with a larger family around the Atlanta area. We have the most competitive rates in the cash car rental business and our larger vehicles are great on gas.
Rent Cars Cash In Atlanta - MINIVANS


Our Minivans are perfect for your next holiday trip or for travel around the entire South East. They are action packed for vacations for the whole family. No matter if you need to get out of town or simply travel around the Atlanta or Decatur area with your large family, we have the perfect van for you.
Rent Cars Cash In Atlanta

Pickup Trucks:

We offer the most reliable and durable pickup trucks for cash. They are sturdy, great in power, spacious and perfect for transferring large items on the beds of the trucks. With our pickup trucks you are able to travel to anywhere in the Southeast.