What You Need to Know About Online Lottery Games

online lottery

The history of online lotteries in the United States is still relatively new. At this time, only seven states offer online lottery games. Federal legislation will eventually clarify what exactly is allowed and what is not. In the meantime, state legislatures will continue to make decisions. In the meantime, this article provides information on legality, options, scams, and multi-state lotteries. We will also cover which states offer online lotteries, and how they differ from offline lottery games.


While there are several states that allow online lottery games, many of them are still wary of the Wire Act. The Illinois governor’s office and New York lottery division both wrote to the DOJ’s criminal division arguing that an online lottery would violate the Wire Act. However, this phrasing was considered faulty. This opened the door to states like Illinois allowing online lottery games. The legality of online lottery games still remains a controversial issue, but the Obama administration’s decision in November 2018 has eased some of the concerns.


When it comes to online lottery games, there are a few options you have. You can play your favorite numbers every week, set up direct debits that will automatically deduct the winning amount when the winning combination is drawn, or you can check your email every time you win the lottery. Different lottery games offer different benefits, and these can help you decide which ones to play. Listed below are some of the most popular options. You can find one that fits your preferences best.


If you are lucky enough to win a lottery, you should beware of common lottery scams. These scams typically involve fake lottery websites and fake winning claims. They try to fool you into sending money in order to receive a check that you’ve never received. Many lottery scams target elderly people, so be especially cautious if you’re in your golden years. Scams involving winning lottery prizes can drain your retirement savings, so it’s important to use reputable lottery websites and don’t respond to unsolicited emails that request money or personal information.

Multi-state lotteries

There are many benefits to playing multi-state lotteries online. One of the most notable is that players can buy tickets for multiple drawings in one transaction. This is possible because some state lotteries have subscription services where players can buy tickets for a month, a week, or an entire year. Online lottery ticket sales are relatively new in the United States, but many states are now considering introducing this service. It has a number of benefits for players, as well as the potential to increase revenue for state lotteries.

Offshore lotteries

If you are considering playing the lottery, you should know that online and offshore lotteries carry certain risks. First, make sure to choose an official lottery site. Then, be sure to check out the payment methods. You can use credit cards, e-wallets, or cryptocurrencies, depending on your preference. While credit cards are the most common payment method, wire transfers are expensive and slow. You should also check the security policy of the lottery website.